Brad Long's '70 Chevelle

Brad Long grew up in the cornfields of Iowa. As a small kid he would admire the various muscle cars that would cruise by his home. In the past he personally has owned a Camaro, Road Runner and now a Chevelle.

Brad works for a tube bending company that makes parts for heavy duty trucks. They have two offices in South Carolina and one up here in Michigan. During his business ventures he came across Motor City Steel, stopped by for a visit and fell in love with the type of work we were doing.

He came across a local Chevelle for sale here in Michigan that had a factory red interior. Boom… Sold. The rest was up to us at Motor City Steel to do our magic. In reality every project involves a little creativity, engineering, and styling by both the owner and us. With this car we got our hands dirty from the start. We did a complete restoration including removing the frame. In almost all cases your car ends up being something reminiscent of vehicles you remember as a teenager. On this ride the owner decided a combination of old school, new school. See the tech sheet for more details.

Like every owner Brad knew the long wait to finally drive this beast was well worth it. There was a tremendous amount of time and effort put into this car. We all heard the word priceless. Please read on….

When Brad brought the car home he took his 12-year-old son out for his first ride. Dad let loose with the car giving him just a small taste of the raw power these old muscle cars have. The kid turns to his dad as states “ you’re definitely going to bring me to school in this thing.” BRAD'S TECH SHEET >>>

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