Joe Gatz' 68 Cutlass 442

Joe came in with his car previously painted by a local undisclosed painter. After reviewing the car with Joe and our own Motor City Steel professional body experts we all agreed that additional body and paint work were in store. This included filling in dents in the hood and trunk along with the passenger and drivers doors taken off the vehicle and re-blocked to Motor City Steel standards. The whole car was then sanded down to the base coat, re-sprayed, then cleared and again sanded, buffed / polished to our Motor City Steel standards.

Additional work performed included removing the frame. We cleaned and painted the frame, core support, wheel wells and firewall to factory color standards. The engine was completely repainted in factory Oldsmobile color and installed. The car was then tested and tuned on our MUSTANG MD 1100 DYNO insuring top performance.

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