Tim Mikolajczyk's 68 Barracuda

Tim The Baker is his nickname. Tim owns a bakery shop and when he comes into Motor City Steel for updates on his pro street ride he is always dressed in his baking threads. Sometimes he even comes in with his apron still on!

Tim is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. We at Motor City Steel hold Tim in high regards. A true professional in understanding the work involved in making his dream come true. There was a lot of sheet metal work on this bad boy, including the use of multiple front fenders to make a set of two that ended up on the car. In this case repro products were not available and you have to be creative in your build process.

The owner's vision has been the same since 1972 when he bought his Barracuda. A Pro Street Car. However, here's the kicker. It has an old school look to the car from A to Z. Yet this car is not only quick in the 1/4 mile but also rides on rails. A current day sleeper would come to mind when this project is completed. TIM'S TECH SHEET >>>

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